A huge success

The 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner was a huge success, with close to 1200 people attending. The event was held at the Peoria Civic Center on May 12. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivered a speech of encouragement and hope for Republicans in Peoria County, Illinois, and throughout the United States!

He spoke on some of the initiatives implemented since his election in 2012. Through his strong leadership, he has not only assisted Florida in remaining a state with conservative values, but he has also increased the number of Republican voters in his state by one million.

This year’s fundraiser netted close to $83,000 for the Peoria County Republican Party. All dollars raised from the event will be used to assist candidates who run for Republican seats in Peoria County. Thank you to Darin LaHood for helping secure DeSantis as our speaker, and a huge shout-out to all who donated their time and efforts to make this event a success.

Reprinted with permission from the PCRW newsletter.

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