Turning Peoria County RED – Is it even possible?

Every day you hear of someone who is moving to another state to get the heck out of Illinois. Is that in your plans? I’m here to tell you that there is something worth fighting for in our state. Many of us have families here. We have great jobs. We have friends we do not want to leave behind. We enjoy sprawling land with farmhouses and fields covering the expanse. So, what alternative do you have? GET INVOLVED.

You’ve probably heard of a RED WAVE. It may seem impossible to you. When I got involved as a precinct committeeman and then began serving on the Peoria County Republican Central Committee, I was skeptical as well. But I knew I wanted to fight for the place I call home. Slowly but surely I have realized that the work begins with each of us. We share our convictions with our friends and neighbors, and then they tell their friends. Soon all those around hear the message of hope and freedom that is within reach if we all work for it!

For many people, their political involvement begins with a single issue, or a concern they have about a specific bill or policy. In my case, it all began when we adopted our sons from Russia. The red-tape that Illinois put us through before even being considered by immigration was unbearable. Illinois had even successfully prevented us from adopting our son’s biological brother. He remains in Russia, unadopted. I decided I was going to make a difference. So I went to legislators and lobbied for change. I testified about our experience. Months later, I was invited to the Governor’s office to see that bill signed into law. It was worth every moment of my time. You, too, can make a difference in Illinois, by sharing your excitement and your stories with them. No previous experience is required to share your story!

So how do you get involved you ask? Well, I’m here to tell you that you need to become a precinct committeeman! To summarize the position, you agree, “Yes, I’m willing to talk to my neighborhood about candidates who stand up for the values of the Republican party in Peoria County!” You host a coffee here and there, gather some signatures to get good candidates on the ballot, and volunteer as you can on their campaigns. It’s that simple. Most of the work is actually fun! Get to know your neighbors better by helping them get out to vote and spread the excitement! You can join over 90 others who are representing their neighborhoods/precincts!

A wise man once told me…If you voted in the last election, you have earned the grade of a D. If you go to townhalls and other events to learn, you have earned a C. If you work to help good people get elected, you get a B. But if you become an honest elected official working to serve constituents, not yourself, you have earned an A.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of the solution instead of running away from the problem? Well, that’s what we want for you too! If you would like to get involved, contact us today! We will let you know how you can get involved, whether you become a precinct committeeman, a deputy PC or in some other role. There is a place for you! OR if you’re free on Saturday, September 16, join us at Republican Day at the Farm and join us in our quest to turn Peoria County RED!

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