Will you ask?

I bet you’ll get really excited about an article encouraging the recruitment of Republican candidates for public office.

Probably not.

Stay with me, though, because it’s so important for our party. Without good, hard-working candidates, we can’t win elections.

All of you have family and close friends or people you go to church with, or attend civic groups, potluck dinners or neighborhood groups with. In any of these situations, you might get an inkling about someone’s interest in public service. Or, through business dealings, personal and family events, or conversations about political issues, you could learn of their potential as a political candidate.

There are so many public offices which can be pursued. The most visible are federal and state legislators. We’re already covered locally with Darin, Win, Travis and Ryan. There is a federal seat to our west and state seats in the south half of Peoria which are held by Democrats. We can use the most help in the local offices: County Board, City Council, City and County elected officials, Township officials, Park Districts, ICC and other school boards, and Precinct Committeemen. We have some Republicans in these positions, but we need many more.

It would take three pages to review each office. You can help the Republican Party (and me) most by reaching out ([email protected], 309-231-3672) if you or anyone you know is politically inclined. We also have resources and a team to help any candidate.

If you ask someone about their interest, often the answer is: “I don’t have time” or “Maybe later.” There is never a perfectly convenient time to run for office. I always say, “The only way for evil to prevail over good is for good people to do nothing.”

Thank you for your time and help us to elect more Republicans.

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