We have heard many times: “If those in the political world would have a degree of hands-on, real-world experience, the effectiveness of governance could improve.” Some may doubt and say, “Nothing can fix our broken system.” I disagree wholeheartedly. We certainly can improve the effectiveness of those who represent the constituents of any town, county, state, or country.

The lack of effectiveness of most levels of our governance is that too many good people have opted not to represent their fellow citizens. Many are political “pundits” and particularly good at explaining to their friends and family what problems the government has. However, most are unwilling to step in and offer suggestions. We must step up.

Leadership styles will allow individuals to be successful in business as well as directing county government into the future. I am the owner and culture leader of Beachlers Vehicle Care & Repair, established in 1951 as Beachler’s Standard by Grandpa Bob Beachler. I was incredibly blessed to work alongside my dad, Terry, for 36 years! Yes, we had our highs and lows, but I would not trade my experience for the world. Not too many folks have the opportunity to learn and grow from a highly principled dad for that many years. He taught me well.

My incredible wife, Rebecca, and I have five children and six grandchildren (#7 on the way!). I graduated from Peoria High School and then from Bradley with a business degree in 1993. I had a unique opportunity to leave the Beachler family business and join a corporation for four years while traveling the country. That experience provided an amazing perspective I would not have had working only in the family business.

As a third-generation owner, I realize that without an amazing crew and awesome customers we would not exist. Knowing that only 3% of third-generation businesses survive and thrive, I chose a style of leadership of not directing but of explaining “the why” behind many operational procedures and more; my desire is to serve my crew toward their success. Providing the resources necessary for them to be successful will enable them to live their lives to the fullest. County governance can be effectual in the same way: enable people to live their lives to the fullest by providing what they need.

Since the early ’90s when Dad encouraged me to listen to talk radio (mainly Rush Limbaugh), I have been absorbing politics. I was asked to run for our Peoria County Board in 2018. At that time, our business was growing at a rapid pace, and our family was preparing for a mission trip to Brazil that summer. We were not successful in winning that seat. In 2023, I was asked again to petition for Peoria County Board District 6. Interestingly, my home and my business reside in this district, so my effort is to improve our fiscal responsibility to our area. I have three children and four grandchildren who live in this area; I want nothing more than to leave this Earth better than when I arrived. Will it be a monumental task for us? Absolutely, but I, and others, are up to the task.

Most have heard for years: “This election will be the most critical in our lives.” Our country is at a crossroad. This is not a choice between Democrats and Republicans. This is a choice between a) what is best for our communities and country and b) what is best for the survival of a growing government. I recently took a class on biblical citizenship. One statistic I learned was that approximately 17% of our population votes on the president and only 3-6% vote on community leaders and school board. We need more educated voters to help make this decision. Together, we can improve the business of government and how it leads its constituents.

With skilled leadership learned in our small business endeavors, we can pursue the challenge of making our country, state, county and community stronger and more successful. Leadership counts! WE MUST VOTE for the leaders in all areas of government.


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